Prairie Storm®

Here at Federal, we know pheasant and upland bird hunters want reliable loads that fill out patterns. With Prairie Storm ammunition, we set the standard.

Speed Is Relative, Performance Isn’t

With this new specialized ammunition, pheasant hunters know they'll get better down-range performance and edge-to-edge pattern consistency. Available in copper-plated lead or steel. Prairie Storm® offerings feature the rear-braking FLITECONTROL® wad, specially formatted for the needs of upland hunters. Combine this with our proven FLITESTOPPER® pellet design and you have a fine-tuned system that will put more birds in your bag.

Prairie Storm® FS Lead™

This ammunition fits the needs of most serious pheasant hunters and produces consistent patterns for those jumpy, high-flying roosters. Available in 12- or 20-gauge #4, #5 or #6.

Prairie Storm FS Steel

Prairie Storm® FS Steel®

Targeted for use in areas were non-toxic shot is required. Prairie Storm FS Steel is designed with the same pellet count and downrange velocity of popular lead loads. Available in 12- or 20-gauge #3 or #4.

What Makes Prairie Storm® So Effective?

It capitalizes on the proven FLITECONTROL® wad and a unique mix of FLITESTOPPER® pellets. The entire Prairie Storm line delivers strong performance with standard factory chokes.

Prairie Storm FS Lead


Prairie Storm FS Lead is loaded with nickel-plated FLITESTOPPER® Lead and copper-plated lead pellets for full patterns at a variety of distances. This long-range performance pairs with excellent retained velocity to deliver powerful, consistent and lethal loads.

Prairie Storm Steel

FS Steel pellets have a cutting edge that gets better penetration and hits birds harder. Our FS Steel® loads get nearly the same 40 yard velocity and pellet energy as standard lead loads. That means a 3-inch #4 FS Steel load (216 pellets) can replace your standard 2-3/4-inch #5 lead (212 pellets).

prairie storm gelatin shot
Gelatin shot with 12-gauge 3-inch #5 (PF129FS 5) from a Benelli Super Black Eagle II at 40 yards

prairie storm gelatin shot
Gelatin shot with 12-gauge 3-inch #4 (PFS143FS 4) from a Benelli Super Black Eagle II at 40 yards.

Royalty Program

On-box Royalty Program

All of these shotshells deliver superior performance on upland birds and support Pheasants Forever® with an on-box royalty program.

Since 1998, Federal Premium® has supported Pheasants Forever with an on-box ammunition royalty program. For every box you buy with the Pheasants Forever logo, Federal Premium donates a portion of the proceeds to habitat and education programs. Thanks to pheasant hunters worldwide, we've sold more than 33 million of these special shotshells.